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Our partner pharmacy, C&DC Pharmacy, is a Remedy’s Rx independent pharmacy. Their goal is to allow their patrons to experience a level of personal attention unmatched by the larger chains. Because they're focused on building relationships with members of the communities across the 905 area, they’ve built a reputation for going above and beyond customers’ every expectation. Experience the warmth of our pharmacy for yourself. The pharmacists at C&DC Pharmacy don’t just take the time to learn your individual health needs, they also take the time to learn who you are!
We Provide:
Competitive dispensing fee
Free delivery within the Hamilton and 905 area
Professional health consulting from your pharmacists on-site
Consultation room for patients
Friendly staff
And much more!
    Feel free to contact our pharmacist at 905-522-5777 for any health and medication related questions you may have.
    If you wish to transfer your prescription, call or fax your prescription to the pharmacy at 905-522-9777.

    For all other inquiries, email