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  • Monte Carlo

    Experience the Monte Carlo electric bike, a comfortable step-through ebike with cruiser-style handlebars for easy control in an upright position. It's equipped with a 36V lithium-ion battery, offering three levels of pedal assist or a full twist throttle for motor engagement without pedaling. Enjoy the thrill of riding while it handles those challenging hills. Get your Monte Carlo from us now!

  • Tofino X

    Meet the Tofino X, a stylish minimalist Ebike with the classic bike feel and Electric's beloved power and speed. It stays sleek and lightweight thanks to the concealed 36V Lithium Ion battery. The Tofino X also includes a standard display for range and charge updates and offers added comfort and safety with an adjustable gel seat and front light. The electric future shines bright.

  • Vermont

    The Vermont 48V is a versatile hybrid, blending a sleek mountain bike-style frame with a potent 500W motor and a 48V 19.2Ah Lithium-Ion battery. It offers instant take-off using the throttle or select from six pedal assist levels to match your riding preference. Keep track of your ride details with the clear backlit LED display, showing trip distance, speed, odometer, and battery status. With Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, you can stop quickly. Additional features include adjustable shocks, a removable battery pack, key ignition, and Shimano 7 Speed RapidFire Shifters and Derailleur.

  • Paris 36V

    Daymak's beloved Paris 36V electric bicycle is back with exciting updates and the same attractive price. The latest Paris 36V offers enhanced features, including 4-inch front shocks for a smoother ride, and it now boasts a 6-speed Shimano gear shift for manual control of your ride's intensity. It retains its key attributes, including a removable 36V lithium battery pack, a step-through frame, and cruiser handlebars, which have made it a top choice among ebikes. The Paris 36V remains a standout option, and this year is no exception.

  • Ebikeinabox

    Meet the new Ebikeinabox from the 'Inabox' series. Based on the popular London 20 design, it's your ideal choice for commuting, exercise, or just having fun. This stylish and compact ebike unfolds in minutes, and it's ready to roll. You can enjoy music and take calls on the go with its Bluetooth MP3 torch. Plus, the 5 amp charger ensures a quick bike recharge. It retains convenient features like photosensitive headlights, LED turn signals, and an LCD display. The Daymak Ebikeinabox is always ready to accompany your adventures!

  • Milan

    Introducing the Milan, featuring innovative upgrades for a smooth and stylish ride. This ebike now includes a rear seat support for added comfort and smart storage solutions, such as a weight-bearing rear mount and a front basket with ample space (1235 cubic inches). The removable 48V 10AMP Lithium Ion battery is long-lasting, enduring up to 1,000 charges, making the Milan a robust, durable, and powerful choice. It can be charged indoors or outdoors, and its step-through frame allows for easy mounting. Enjoy every mile with the Milan, designed for your comfort and efficiency.

  • Phoenix

    Introducing the brand-new Daymak Phoenix electric bike – a remarkable result of years of innovation. This versatile ebike features dual lithium-ion battery packs, offering an impressive 60+ km range. Need storage? The Phoenix has you covered with convenient saddle bags. Powered by a 500W motor and dual 48V lithium batteries, it effortlessly conquers hills, just like its namesake. Blaze your own trails solo or with a friend on the Daymak Phoenix.

  • EM1

    The EM1 is a groundbreaking electric motorcycle that introduces a unique prone sitting position. Equipped with USD front shocks and standard rear shocks, it offers an exceptionally smooth ride. The EM1 features distinctive front LED headlights and signal lights, representing the evolution of ebikes. It comes with foot pegs for multiple riders and pedals for pedaling when needed. The electric motorcycle also includes an LED backlit speedometer and odometer, along with the Daymak Drive Turbo controller. The EM1 is not only stylish but also innovative.

  • Rebel

    Elevate your style with the all-new Daymak Rebel – a compact yet powerful mini ebike. This Rebel features a 60V 20ah lithium battery pack, offering an impressive 40 km range and rapid acceleration to reach top speed quickly. Equipped with the Daymak Drive controller, you can enhance the range and motor security. Boasting rear and front shocks with over 6 inches of travel, it ensures an exceptionally smooth ride. The Rebel's rugged, distinctive appearance is perfect for those who dare to be different. It's the ideal choice for solo adventures, setting you apart from the crowd. Choose the Daymak Rebel and be a true rebel among traditional ebikes.

  • EM4

    Introducing the all-new EM4, the latest in the EM series. This electric scooter offers a modern motorcycle-inspired design with outstanding features. It has dual, removable lithium-ion batteries for a 90 km range on a single charge, and you can charge them on or off the bike. It's powerful yet lightweight and perfect for apartment living or long-distance travel. You can operate it with just one battery, ride half the maximum range, recharge the battery, and continue your journey.

  • Road Warrior

    Introducing the Daymak Road Warrior, a top-of-the-line sport electric scooter that's a must-have. With a frame slightly larger than the norm and an impressive power output, it offers the best of both worlds. Its stylish LED headlights give it a futuristic touch, and it's packed with some great features. The Road Warrior comes with a built-in MP3 player and hands-free calling, allowing you to answer calls or change songs with ease. Notably, it features illuminated exhaust pipes for both visibility and a striking appearance. Furthermore, there's an MP4 playback display screen, so you can enjoy videos while relaxing or charging your scooter.

  • BBX Pro

    Introducing the Boomerbuggy X Pro, the ultimate covered mobility scooter that's ready to conquer all weather conditions without the need for a license or registration. With a robust 60V 45AH SLA battery, it provides a generous 60 km range on a single charge and can reach speeds of up to 20 km/h. The powerful 1200W motor ensures you can handle inclines of up to 20 degrees. It's the top choice for a fully covered mobility scooter, equipped with both heating and air conditioning for year-round comfort. Step into freedom and get the Boomerbuggy X Pro electric mobility scooter today. Enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather.

  • Mobilityinabox

    Introducing the Mobilityinabox, the latest 'Inabox' series addition. This compact and lightweight mobility scooter is perfect for tight spaces and quick storage, folding in seconds for convenience. It requires minimal assembly and includes a rear storage rack for added utility. You can even wheel it like a suitcase. With a fast charger, it's ready in just 1 hour. Enjoy the outdoors without limits with the Daymak Mobilityinabox!

  • Boomerbuggy V

    Pair text with an image to focus on your chosen product, collection, or blog post. AddThis stylish and robust 4-wheeled scooter offers both stability and maneuverability for indoor and outdoor use. It features a Deluxe Captain's style seat for comfort, can support up to 330lbs, and comes with various adjustable features like the seat, armrests, and headrest. The scooter also includes anti-tippers and a large carry basket. With rear-wheel drive and a compact size, it delivers excellent maneuverability and accessibility, performing well indoors and on smooth outdoor surfaces.

  • Florence Fat Tire

    The Florence Fat Tire ebike combines fun with function. It's perfect if you have balance concerns but still want to enjoy riding. With three oversized tires for stability, even beginners can relish the outdoors. Use it to transport your belongings or carry wood to the campfire – it's practical and thrilling. Thanks to the powerful motor and 960Wh battery, the only thing on your mind will be whether you'll make it home for dinner. Get the Florence Fat Tire ebike and start your new adventure today.

  • Wolf

    Meet the Daymak Wolf, the latest addition to Daymak's all-terrain ebike lineup. This fat tire electric bike is versatile, ideal for urban streets or off-road adventures. With a 48V lithium-ion battery pack and a 350W motor, it effortlessly handles steep hills. It boasts 6-point rims for a stylish yet stable design, and the built-in battery pack keeps the bike sleek and aerodynamic. You can choose from 5 levels of pedal assist or use the push throttle for autonomous riding. Don't miss out on the year's hottest fat tire ebike.

  • Coyote

    Introducing the Daymak Coyote fat tire electric bicycle, offering great value. With a 350W motor, it's suitable for bike paths and trails. The oversized 20 x 4 inch tires ensure comfort on and off the road. You can conveniently charge the removable lithium-ion battery in or out of the bike.

  • Beast 2

    Meet the Beast 2, an electrifying off-road scooter that's a blast to ride. Perfect for a solo adventure, it allows you to explore the forest and fields quietly, accompanied only by the soothing sound of rustling leaves. The Beast 2 features a Bluetooth controller for on-the-fly performance adjustments, letting you explore new paths and trails while immersing yourself in the beauty of nature. Moreover, it's fully street-legal, making it versatile for city or countryside exploration. The Beast 2 is your all-terrain, go-anywhere companion.

  • Pithog Max

    For a rugged ride, meet the Daymak Pithog Max, a one-of-a-kind choice. It features an aggressively treaded front wheel, similar to dirt bikes. Despite its off-road appeal, this electric dirt bike is fully street-legal and performs admirably on the road. With a 72V 32AH lithium-ion battery, it charges quickly, lasts longer, and is lighter than lead-acid batteries. Its stylish headlight and fender design enhance its appearance. You can enjoy your favorite tunes on the go with the built-in Bluetooth MP3 speaker. The Pithog Max is the ideal electric scooter for solo adventures and endless fun.

  • Beast AWD ATV

    Forget gas-guzzling ATVs; meet the Daymak Beast Electric ATV! This front and rear-wheeled electric ATV lives up to its powerful name. It effortlessly tears through trails and hills, towing heavy equipment without breaking a sweat. Whether it's for camping or a cottage trip, this ATV provides all you need without the noise or pollution. With dual 1000W motors, it conquers inclines that would daunt even the bravest hiker. Whether you're exploring beaches or navigating forests, the Beast ATV delivers an exhilarating experience from the moment you hit the throttle.

  • ColumnBeast AWD ATV Deluxe

    The all-wheel-drive ATV just got an upgrade with the Deluxe version. You'll now have snow plows for winter, a ball joint for towing, aluminum rims, and more. But don't let these extras overshadow the sheer thrill of tearing through forests and conquering any terrain in your path. The Beast ATV Deluxe offers additional perks to make it the ultimate electric ATV.

  • Grunt

    Level up the excitement with the Daymak Grunt ATV for kids. It's all about more power, speed, and, of course, fun. This ATV offers your kids a chance to embrace adventure, going faster and farther. They'll have a blast racing around outdoors, whether it's off-road, in parks, or on driveways. Suitable for kids aged 6-14, these electric ATVs promise endless summer fun. Plus, with the Grunt's 16 x 8 - 7 tires, it's equipped for year-round enjoyment, from sand to sleet to snow. Get your kids outdoors and enjoying the kind of play we used to love with the Daymak Grunt electric ATV.

  • Sasquatch Jr

    Introducing the new and improved Sasquatch Jr ATV, a must-have for adventure-seeking kids. It's the perfect electric ATV for children aged 6 and up, striking a balance between excitement and safety. Equipped with a two-speed switch, it allows kids to ease into ATV riding, with speeds reaching up to 20 km/h. The Sasquatch Jr now features a Bluetooth MP3 player and radio for connecting to smartphones and enjoying favorite tunes. Additionally, a new foot pedal switch ensures that the ATV only engages when properly situated. Make this year special for the child you care about by getting them the new Sasquatch Jr electric ATV from Daymak.

  • BeastUTV 4WD

    Upgrade your off-road adventures with the Daymak Beast UTV. This electric marvel features a robust 5000W motor, delivering exhilarating acceleration and eco-friendly power. Whether you're conquering rugged trails or challenging landscapes, its all-wheel-drive system ensures exceptional traction and control. What makes the Daymak Beast unique is its hydraulic dump bed, simplifying cargo handling, from firewood to camping gear. The integrated tow hitch allows you to bring more, whether it's trailers or additional equipment. With a spacious cabin, ergonomic seats, and a sturdy roll cage, comfort and safety are guaranteed. Don't compromise – the Daymak Beast offers both power and eco-consciousness in one unbeatable package, paving the way for the future of off-road travel.

  • Caddy

    Experience eco-friendly golfing with our Electric Golf Cart featuring roof-top solar panels for extra solar-trickle charging. This four-seater unit offers a semi-enclosed design, complete with a radio, foldable front windshield, drink holders, and front storage. It's perfect for various weather conditions, and the 48V SLA battery can handle up to 300 charge cycles. Enjoy a luxurious and green golfing experience – when you golf, it's a smart choice to go electric.

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