Ontario Disability Support Program

The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) is one of Ontario’s social assistance programs. ODSP provides income and employment supports to eligible Ontario residents who have disabilities.


Am I Eligible?

To qualify you must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Live in Ontario
  • Be in financial need
  • Be a “person with disability” as defined under the Ontario Disability Support Program Act. The disability must be a substantial physical or mental impairment that is continuous or recurrent and is expected to last a year or more.

The impairment(s), its duration, and the restriction(s) must be verified by an approved health care professional.

What are the Benefits?

If you qualify for Ontario Disability Support Program Income Support, you and your family may be eligible to receive disability-related benefits like:

Coverage for Assistive Devices:

The Assistive Devices Program (ADP) generally pays for up to 75% of the cost of approved assistive devices. In some cases, the Assistive Devices Program pays a fixed amount for a device or provides grants directly to a person for supplies. The Ontario Disability Support Program can help with some of the costs that are not covered by the Assistive Devices Program. 

Mobility Devices – Batteries and Repair:

The Ontario Disability Support Program can also provide help with the cost of batteries and repairs for mobility devices if no other funding is available. Here are some examples of mobility devices:

  • manual or electric wheelchairs
  • scooters
  • walkers
  • lifting devices

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