Explore Our Wide Range of Mobility Equipment

Discover a world of boundless possibilities with our diverse range of mobility equipment.

  • Rollators

    Experience enhanced mobility through our collection of rollators, designed to empower your customers on the move. With ergonomic support and convenient features, these dynamic companions offer confidence and comfort, redefining the art of walking.

  • Folding Walkers

    These versatile aids provide stability and support while easily folding for storage or travel, enhancing both independence and convenience.

  • Rollator & Transport Chair

    The best of both worlds. A rollator and a transport chair all in one.

  • Crutches

    Choose from a range of different crutch sizes to find the perfect fit for your comfort and convenience. Our crutches provide adaptable support tailored to your unique needs.

  • Canes

    Elevate your stability and style with our selection of canes, combining form and function for confident mobility.

  • Knee Walkers

    Enhance your mobility and recovery with our knee walkers, offering a comfortable and efficient solution for staying mobile during the healing process.

  • Transport Chairs

    Step into a world of effortless mobility with our selection of transport chairs. Crafted to redefine comfort and convenience, these lightweight and foldable companions, guided by caregivers, ensure smooth rides for your customers, transforming each journey into a seamless experience.

  • Standard Wheelchair

    Discover dependable mobility with our standard wheelchairs, offering reliability and comfort to your customers. Designed for everyday use, these wheelchairs provide essential support, ensuring a balanced blend of functionality and accessibility.

  • Performance Wheelchair

    Experience a mobility revolution with our performance level wheelchairs. Meticulously engineered for unparalleled maneuverability and personalized comfort, these advanced wheelchairs empower users to embrace an active lifestyle, embodying cutting-edge design and unparalleled functionality.

  • Tilt Chairs

    Discover versatile comfort through our range of tilt chairs. Designed to offer tailored relaxation and support, these chairs redefine seating dynamics by providing adjustable angles for enhanced comfort, seamlessly combining style with practicality.

  • Standard Power Wheelchair

    Unleash newfound freedom with our power wheelchairs. With different power base configurations and engineered to empower independent movement, these cutting-edge chairs redefine mobility with effortless control, ensuring users navigate the world with confidence while embracing advanced design and unparalleled functionality.

  • Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair

    Discover Heavy Duty power wheelchairs that combine extended weight capacity with optimized stability, mobility, and user comfort. These thoughtfully crafted chairs ensure robust support without compromising on ease of movement, offering an enriched experience for each user.

  • Full Size Scooters

    Unleash boundless mobility with our full-size mobility scooters. Engineered for uncompromising comfort and performance, these scooters redefine your journey. Whether you're navigating city streets or exploring scenic routes, our meticulously designed scooters offer a seamless fusion of luxury and empowerment, enabling you to embrace every avenue with unmatched confidence.

  • Portable Scooters

    Embrace newfound independence with our range of portable mobility scooters. Designed for effortless on-the-go convenience, these scooters transform your mobility journey. Whether you're embarking on a quick trip or a grand adventure, our carefully crafted scooters seamlessly combine compact portability with empowering mobility, enabling you to navigate life's experiences with ease and assurance.

  • Heavy Duty Scooters

    Experience unmatched strength with our heavy-duty mobility scooters. Engineered for robust performance and durability, these scooters redefine your mobility capacity. Whether you're navigating challenging terrains or enjoying outdoor escapades, our meticulously crafted scooters offer an impeccable blend of power and comfort, empowering you to conquer every path with unwavering confidence.

  • Stander Bed Cane

    Discover a world of convenience with our premium Bed Cane. This adaptable assist rail provides essential support for getting in and out of bed, achieving optimal in-bed positioning, and standing up with confidence.

  • Stander Couch Cane

    Enhance your comfort with the stander couch cane. This stylish, sturdy accessory adds stability to your seating.

  • Superpole

    Effortlessly sets up to offer support in any room, providing both vertical and horizontal ergonomic assistance.

  • Superpole With SuperTrapeze

    Boasts an exceptionally ergonomic offset handle for superior assistance in achieving a seated position in bed.

  • Button Hooks

    Simplify your daily dressing routine. These handy tools offer a convenient way to fasten buttons, providing you with greater independence and ease in getting dressed.

  • Dressing Stick

    Streamline your dressing routine. This versatile tool assists in reaching, pulling, and maneuvering clothing, promoting independence and ease in getting dressed.

  • Hand Held Reacher

    This adaptable device makes it easy to retrieve items from elevated shelves or tight spots, enhancing everyday convenience and simplicity.

  • Shoe Horn

    This handy tool helps you effortlessly slide into your footwear, making getting dressed a breeze.

  • ObusForme Body Pillow

    Elevate your comfort with the ObusForme Full Body Pillow. Its four-foot length offers firm back and neck support when sitting up in bed and gentle comfort for sleep, making it an excellent choice for expectant mothers seeking ideal relaxation.

  • ObusForme Comfort Contour Pillow

    Experience the best of both worlds with the ObusForme Comfort Contour Pillow. Its innovative design offers the contoured support of a cervical pillow on one end and the traditional comfort of a standard pillow on the other, promoting head and neck support, pain relief, and enhanced sleep quality. It's a versatile solution that fits seamlessly into any standard-size pillowcase.

  • ObusForme Contour Thermagel Memory Foam Pillow

    Pair text with an image to focus on your chosen product, collection, or blog post. Add details on availability, Stay cool throughout the night with our memory foam pillow featuring an integrated thermagel layer for a soothing, cool feeling. Its contoured cervical design offers excellent support for your neck and head, ensuring a comfortable sleep., or even provide a review.

  • ObusForme Neck and Neck Plus Cervical Pillow

    Experience maximum comfort and support with this adaptable pillow, offering four ergonomic sleeping choices for your optimal rest.

  • ObusForme LowBack Backrest Support

    The ObusForme Lowback Backrest Support, an award-winning backrest, turns regular chairs into ergonomic seating. Unlike standard 'L'-shaped designs, its 'S'-shaped form molds the spine for better alignment and posture support.

  • ObusForme HighBack Backrest Support

    Discover the ObusForme Highback Backrest Support, an award-winning solution that converts regular chairs into ergonomic seating. Its unique 'S'-shaped design cradles the spine for improved anatomical alignment and overall posture, supporting proper spinal positioning unlike traditional 'L'-shaped chairs.

  • ObusForme Wideback Backrest Support

    Discover the award-winning ObusForme Wideback Backrest Support, converting regular chairs into ergonomic seating. Unlike standard 'L'-shaped designs, its unique 'S'-shape molds your spine for better alignment and posture, supporting proper spinal positioning.

  • Large Grip Utensils

    Easily manage meals with our large grip utensils. Designed for comfort and control, they provide a sturdy hold, making dining a breeze for everyone.

  • Aluminum Bath Chair

    Elevate your bathing experience. Safety and comfort combined with adjustable leg height in one essential addition to your home healthcare setup.

  • Bath Chair with No Back

    Bath chair with adjustable leg height with no back to suit your needs.

  • Bath Stool

    Bath stool with adjustable leg height to suit your bath dimensions and needs.

  • Bath Safety Rail

    Enhance bath-time safety with our sturdy bath safety rail. Designed for stability, it's the perfect addition to your home healthcare arsenal.

  • Chrome Knurled Grab Bar

    Increase bathroom safety with the knurled grab bar. It offers a secure grip and peace of mind for your daily routine.

  • Suction Cup Grab Bar

    Boost bathroom safety effortlessly with the suction cup grab bar. It attaches securely without the need for tools, providing reliable support where you need it most.

  • Hand Held Shower Spray with Massager

    Transform your showering experience with our Hand Held Shower Spray featuring a built-in massager. Enjoy three different relaxing massage options while you shower, all with easy control at your fingertips.

  • Secure Lock Raised Toilet Seat

    Offers exceptional stability with three locking points on the front and sides. It provides an extra 5" of height, adjustable padded armrests, and tool-free installation on most elongated and standard toilets, ensuring user safety and convenience.

  • Raised Toilet Seat With or Without Lid

    The heavy-duty molded plastic toilet seat riser offers secure assistance for those with mobility difficulties, fitting most toilets for added convenience. Provides 2", 4", or 6" of extra height.

  • Raised Toilet Seat Tall-Ette

    With a comfortable and supportive seat, this elongated toilet seat raiser provides an extra 2", 4", or 6" of height.

  • Contoured Bath Mat With Invigorating Massage Zones

    Elevate your shower experience to new. Enjoy the soothing massage zones while ensuring secure footing for a safer and more relaxing shower time.

  • Toilet Safety Frame with Padded Arms

    Experience enhanced bathroom safety and comfort. This essential addition provides reliable support for those with mobility challenges.

  • Transfer Bench

    Glide seamlessly along the edge of your bathtub using the latest PreserveTech™ Transfer Bench. Crafted from lightweight, rust-resistant aluminum, this adjustable transfer bench offers both durability and versatility, with eight leg adjustments to suit various bathtub heights.

  • Padded Transfer Bench

    Enhance your bathing routine with our Padded Transfer Bench. Designed for safety and comfort, it simplifies the process of getting in and out of the tub, making your daily routine worry-free.

  • Universal Sliding Transfer Bench

    Experience effortless transfers. Its smooth, gliding design ensures a safe and comfortable transition in and out of the tub or shower, offering peace of mind and convenience in your daily routine.