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Discover Our Comprehensive Range of Medical Products. From Hospital Beds to Patient Lifts and Incontinence Solutions, We Have Your Health and Comfort Covered.

  • Delta Ultra-Light 1000, Full-Electric Bed

    Experience unparalleled comfort and convenience. Designed for safety and ease of use, it ensures optimal care and comfort for patients. Includes bed rails if desired.

  • Drive Full Electric Low Height Bed

    Elevate patient care with the fully electric low height patient bed, available now for your convenience. This bed offers accessibility and comfort, ensuring optimal support at a lower profile for easy use.

  • Lightweight Bariatric Homecare Bed

    With frames up to 100 lbs lighter than most Bariatric options, these beds are easy to move, transport, and assemble while maintaining a safe working load capacity of up to 1000 lbs

  • Therapeutic 5 Zone Support Mattress

    Premium latex-free foam mattress for pressure relief, comfort, and durability. Features 5 therapeutic zones for optimal support and compliance, outperforming traditional innerspring options for enhanced patient satisfaction.

  • Bariatric Mattress

    Specialized bariatric mattress designed for exceptional comfort and support, offering stability and durability.

  • Multi-Ply 6500 Dynamic Elite Pressure Redistribution Foam Mattress

    Drive's premium therapeutic foam mattress enhances comfort and care with four layers of latex-free foam. The gel-infused visco-elastic top layer dissipates heat, promoting a cool, dry environment to preserve skin integrity.

  • Multi-Ply ShearCare 1500 Pressure Redistribution Foam Mattress

    This bariatric, latex-free foam mattress offers excellent pressure redistribution and support. The high-resilient top layer and high-density bottom layer make this mattress a comfortable and stable choice

  • Premium Guard Gel Overlay

    Experience top-tier pressure redistribution with our gel overlay, now supporting up to 500 lbs. Featuring 15 gel bladders covering the entire patient contact area, it effectively prevents and treats pressure ulcers. The full-length 'head-to-toe' gel bladders minimize 'bottoming out' and 'pitting' for superior comfort and care.

  • Med-Aire Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad System

    This medical mattress overlay features a discreet pump that quietly alternates, inflating and deflating 130 individual bubble air cells for a peaceful and comfortable night's rest.

  • Double Top Overbed Table

    Effortlessly assemble this table with dual surfaces - a tilting larger one and a secure smaller one. It boasts a walnut wood grain low-pressure laminate top for added style and functionality.

  • Pivot & Tilt Overbed Table

    Enjoy versatile positioning with this table's pivoting mast, offering three locking positions from floor-level to 90°. It features enhanced larger tubing for stability and brings the tabletop closer to individuals in bed, wheelchair users, or for convenient storage when folded.

  • GRAVIS Floor Lift, Manual Base 600 lbs

    This manual base patient lift, with a 600 lb weight capacity, blends elegant contemporary design with heavy-duty performance. It boasts oversized sealed rear casters for mobility, redundant controls for reliability, and Smart & Safety Technology including an LCD display and battery indicators

  • Bariatric Battery-Powered Lift

    This bariatric patient lift offers convenient operation for home care. With a jumbo actuator pump and emergency button for safe patient lowering, it ensures reliable performance. It also includes the feature of not operating while plugged in for added safety.

  • Deluxe Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

    Track your blood pressure effortlessly with this monitor, which includes features such as Irregular Heartbeat Detection, One-Touch Operation, an extra-large easy-to-read screen, and a Pulse Rate Indicator

  • Deluxe Wrist Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

    Measures blood pressure at the wrist instead of the arm.

  • PainAway Plus Wireless TENS

    Wireless TENS machine for chronic and acute pain relief. Rechargeable, long-lasting electrode pads, and four pulse modes for tailored treatments.

  • View SpO2 Deluxe Pulse Oximeter

    Stay informed with this Pulse Oximeter featuring a dual-color, high-resolution OLED display that automatically rotates for easy viewing. It displays SpO₂, Pulse Rate, Pulse bar, Plethysmogram, Perfusion Index, and offers programmable alarms for added convenience.