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DonJoy® Shoulder Cradle

DonJoy® Shoulder Cradle

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If you have any questions regarding this product or are looking for a customized version of this product, feel free to call our Orthotics Specialist at 905-529-0395, or email support@orthomedicalmobility for similar inquiries.

The Shoulder Cradle is a unique modular system that provides secure immobilization and a wide range of abduction angles to allow stable and comfortable support - both day and night.


  • Achieves a wide range of abduction angles with a specially shaped bolster
  • Medium and large bolsters provide comfortable, secure support for back and side sleepers
  • Lightweight, polycarbonate core provides rigid support without uncomfortable or hard-to-adjust metal components, and patient-friendly soft goods permit easy adjustments and ideal comfort
  • Stable, comfortable support in various levels of abduction, and in neutral rotation during sleep without the use of a neck strap
  • Easy to use open design allows for unobstructed use of cold therapy
  • Easily converts from left to right; one size fits most adults